Free use tone!!!!

Hi!! When doing some inking/toning on Shounen Ai Go!!, I came up with
my own set of original screen tone for use on it (yes I drew about 1 million
dots!! ^_^). Anyway, I figured it would be nice to offer these tones up for
the rest of the internet to use as well : D

Its not required that you link to this site -- but it would be nice so others
can find these and use them to make their comics better!! ^o^
Feel free to link with one of these banners:

Also feel free
to e-mail me with any suggestions!! : D

First tone set:
This was the first set I made on photoshop, just save the pic and
use!! : D

Second tone set:
I made this set using the freeware
program D-pixed!!
(I highly recomend this program!!)

(See, they go from light to dark!!!!!)

Shoujo manga special set:
I made this set especially for shoujo manga -- its all flowers
and bubbles : D

Notes on using tones:
If need be I'll write a tutorial on using them, but for now I'll just say I use them
1 of 2 ways in photoshop. One is I have my comics outline as a transparent
layer, and then I paste these underneath and erase the extra.
The otherway is to use the magic wand to select the area I'm toning,
and then use the clone tool to add in the tone.
If you are having problems, make sure your picture and tone files
are both in the same color mode!
Also, *make sure to add the tones when your picture is at the
size you want the final version to be!!
* If your picture is resized while
the tone is on it, usually the tones will get very messed up looking!!

E- mail me with any questions!!!

my sites:
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